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Ramana Maharishi - A great saint who had devoted his entire life to propagate peace and serenity.

" True humanity lies not in returning
violence for violence,
but in forgiveness. "
- Sathguru Ramnamaharishi.

Ramana Maharishi was born on December 30, 1879, in a small village near Madurai in Tamilnadu. Venkataramana had his schooling in his native village and his high school education in Madurai. When he was in teen he lost his father. He, along with his mother, moved to his uncle's house in Madurai.One day a guest came to his uncle's house from Arunachala. When Venkataramana heard that the guest was from Arunachala, he became very enthusiastic to know more details about the place. Venkataramana was so impressed that he made up his mind to visit it somehow. His firm and curious mind took him to the holy place. Though he did not have enough money to meet the travel fare to Arunachala, he left the house, leaving a small note saying "I have left to see the father. Nobody should worry about me. No one should try to find me".

He left for Arunachala by train. Since he did not have enough money for his travel, he had to get down in the middle and then walk a long distance. He ultimately reached the Arunachaleswara Temple in Thiruvannamalai. His joy knew no bounds when he saw the holy place. Days rolled by and he became a sanyasiat in the sacred place. His Meditation and prayers were intense. Questions such as what would happen to the Atman after the death of the body and is the Atman also subject to death like that of the body, or is it immortal came to his mind.

Venkataramana offered solutions to people's problem patiently and relieved them of their sufferings. The number of people visiting him with difficulties and sorrows grew every day. People who came to visit the Lord Arunachala shrine came to pay homage to the sanyasi without fail.

Ramana Maharishi was an embodiment of love and compassion. He was not only sympathetic towards the poor and needy but also towards those who where in sorrow. He showed care, concern and pity even towards birds and animals.

Ramana Maharishi led a very simple life. He only pitied those who were evil. His conviction was that "the wise should not punish bad people but should correct them through gentle persuasion ". Ramana's constant teaching to his devotees was that the way to cleans the mind of its impurities was meditation. According to him "The mind becomes pure by over and over again about the source of evils."

In his last days Ramana Maharishi fell ill. Inspite of a group of doctors attending him, he did not recover. When people from far and near flocked to the ashram to have last darshan of Ramana Maharishi. He said to them "Every one who is born must die. The body is not the soul. Therefore nobody need to feel miserable for the death of the body".

It was April 15 in the year 1950 that has moral body passed away. His spirit merged with divinity at the same time

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Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram  

On 1st of December, 1918, along the banks of the Ganga in a village adjacent to Kashi, Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar made His descent in a religious family. Even in His childhood, Swamiji showed signs of spiritual thirst. Bhagwan was equally drawn to the saints and sadhus who lived in the banks of the Ganges and was always engaged in Nama Japam. This invoked in the heart longing for the divine.

Bhagwan with his burning desire to realize God started his journey in search of a guru. He visited the ashram of Aurobindo and Sri Ramana Maharishi. It was in 1952 Bhagwan felt a strong inner urge to seek Swamy Ramadas at Anandashramam. His stay at Ananda Ashramam was a turning point in his spiritual life. Swamy Ramdas initiated him in the divine Mantram "Om Sri ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram" pronouncing the Mantra thrice in his ears.

He came to Tiruvannamalai in 1959 and from then on staying there fulfills the divine task of establishing peace in the world and to work amidst people in guiding them to reach their spiritual goal. Bhagwan saves those who surrender to them and brings light in to their lives. His devotees, experience presence of Bhagwan with them in their day to day life.

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Sri Seshadri Swamigal Ashram  

Sri Seshadri swamigal was born in Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu, India. Seshadri Swamigal was born to the couple Vardarajan and Margathammal, by the grace of goddess Kamakshi, another name of Parvathi, consort of Lord Shiva. Seshadri as a boy of four, following his mother to the temple, took an idol of Sri Krishna (an incarnation of Vishnu) in his hand, from a shop, saying he will do pooja to the idol. The shop keeper, appreciating the child's interest, gave the idol free to little Seshadri.

Next day, as Maragathammal and Seshadri were going to the temple, the shop keeper prostrated, placed child Seshadri's hand on his eyes and cried "golden hand! golden hand!". He explained that the sale was extraordinarily high after the child touched the idols. From that day onwards, till his Maha Siddhi, he was popularly known as `Thangakkai Saeshadri' (Saeshadri of golden hand), for whatever he touched turned into gold (flourished).

He renounced material life at the age of 19, left Kancheepuram and came to Thiruvannamalai. Like Sri Ramana Maharishi, he never left Tiruvannamalai till his nirvana in 1929. He was a great upasaka (worshiper) of Shakthi.

He roamed the streets of Tiruvannamalai like a mad man, entering a shop and dumping the cash from cash box on the floor or throwing the flour kept for making dough into the water and so on. However, his strange behavior was known to the town people and they never minded. On the contrary, they eagerly awaited his visit, for his visit meant that their business would flourish.Mahan Seshadri swamigal, as mentioned earlier, was a worshiper of Shakthi. Recital of sacred syllables was his path. He was a contemporary of Sri Ramana maharishi. In fact, it was Saeshadri swamigal, who rescued young Ramana, when the later was immersed in penance, in the underground cell in Arunachaleshwarar temple and ants and moths were eating away young Ramana's body.

Their paths were different. There used to be friendly arguments between them. Sri Seshadri Swamigal possessed many Siddhis and performed many miracles like curing chronic diseases etc., openly. However, Sri Ramana Maharishi, though he performed miracles some times, he never acknowledged them or attached importance. He always advised seekers to focus on the ultimate goal of Self Realisation and not to be distracted by minor achievements like Siddhis or miraculous powers.

“Where do we go?” Is the essence of His teaching. If we meditate on this we are sure to attain endless bliss. He has no aste distinction and has devotees, who follow other religions. He is continuously helping us and giving us his grace. The practice of Sesha mantra, Sesha meditation and understanding the Sesha path is spreading among numerous devotees

Saeshadri Swamigal ashram is next to Sri Ramanashramam. Regular Pujas are performed at the Samadhi of Sri Seshadri Swamigal. There are a few platforms for meditation in the open, in a beautiful garden, under the cool shade of trees. One can do meditation facing the holy hill Arunachala, from this garden. A book stall sells Mahan's photographs and books.

Sathus of Thiruvanamalai  

In the history of Tiruvannamalai, at any point of time, there lives atleast one great sadhu. The recent past is an excellent example, The Seshadri Swamigal, Ramana Maharishi then the Sadhu Ram Surat Kumar and now an unnamed (name not correctly available) Sadhu living on top of hill of Annamalai. Though the exact details relating to birth, place of birth weren't available about the hill Sadhu, we have some details of this Sadhu which was collected from the people of Tiruvannamalai.

It seems that this Sadhu was wandering in the streets of Tiruvannamalai some nine years back. He used to give astrological predictions to people at a cost of Re.1/-. not a single pi extra or short. He does not do this service for all. He selects the person. And also had been offering very valuable advices, it was not just prediction. And all these predictions were done by him simply by face-reading and not by seeing the horoscope. Some people also say that he is an expert in Palmistry.

Due to the spurt in his popularity and that many people wanting to meet him gave big disturbances for his penance. So, he left the city and decided to go and board in the mountains.

One more story which acknowledges the previous one was ;

The Sadhu eats only fruits and vegetables. Everyday he selects the shop, for taking his food. It was told that the Sadhu picks his food from the shop and simply goes away. without paying anything??? No, though he does not pay directly. The Shop records the maximum sales on that day. All of a sudden this became a big event and every vendor approached the Sadhu to ensure that the Sadhu takes something from the concerned shop owner, so that he is also bestowed with the grace of the Lord of Lords, Annamalai.

This Sadhu has been doing penance for a period of 8 to 9 years from now, in the mountain of the Annamalai. He resides inside a small rock which is barely 3 to 4 feet in height & width. He does not consume regular food. He rarely drinks milk. He has a stick and a cleaned coconut cup. Everyday people carry milk for him all the way to the top of the mountain and pour the milk in that coconut cup.

It seems that the rock in which he resides is fenced with bushes and thorn plants to cover him from miscreants.

It is also believed that this Girivalam became very popular, only after the Sadhu touched his seventh chakra (the last one) the Sahasrara through his penance, though Girivalam was in existence for a very long time.

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